Areas of Excellence



Check Up

Who wants to maintain long-term quality of life, should visit the doctor, before symptoms get critical. Early detection of many diseases is crucial and can prevent further damage.


Internal Medicine

Thorough general medical analysis is the foundation of competent medical advice. Our options include molecular analysis, optimization of immunologic function and high-resolution imaging.



Everybody wants to reach great age, but only in full possession of mental powers. In our neuro unit, we advice you on issues such as burn-out, Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention, but also in dealing with depressive episodes.



The cardiovascular system is the source of life. With our 360 degree analysis, we can examine extensively and directly to achieve optimal treatment and prevention.


Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a matter of trust. From breast augmentation to rhinoplasty and facelift – we ensure that you feel well in your body. This is as well the basis for mental health.



The modern way of living and working leads to lack of exercise and improper condition of the musculoskeletal system. To effectively treat these disorders we also offer modern methods of spinal therapy.



Scientific developments lead to new ways in the diagnostic. Today the so-called individualised medicine can reach by the diagnostics of the genetic structure as well as the epigenetic changes in connections with the biochemical result (easy lab data) and the other investigation results for example by picture (MRT) to knew pioneer knowledge. These have big influence on the forecast of illnesses and the therapeutic influencing of symptoms. Today we can order such analyses within the scope of our competence network and carry out a suitable individual consultation.


Tele Medicine

New medical developments permit us to look after patients also about far distances. By the application of terminals capable of Bluetooth as well as a medically controlled Call centre can be transferred under other blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose and ECG derivations internationally. We offer an already functioning infrastructure as well as a high medical competence in the care of our patients. The therapeutic success is clearly bigger than the periodical care of the patients.